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Tiersolution inc. was founded in 1997 in Silicon Valley by a team of software developers who saw a need for a dedicated solutions provider in the areas of Object Oriented Design and distributed architecture. TierSolution provides companies and organizations with world-class specialists who use the latest technologies.
Content Management

Every website we produce is integrated with a powerful content management system (CMS) that lets you control when and how often your website gets updated. It allows you to format text, insert images, create links and manage documents - without knowledge of HTML. The interface relies on familiar toolbars similar to Microsoft Word making it friendly to users of various skill levels.

Choose your Modules to build the site with functionality you desire. Mix and match, start small and add more as you need them. Custom modules can also be built!

Choose your Modules:

Account LogIn permits users to log in to your portal. This can be customized for varying levels of control – from newsletter subscribers to registered users, to varying levels of Administrative rights for staff
Account Login: Manage Access & Pages (Roles) : You can easily assign specific page editing security access to individuals working on your site with our Manage Access & Pages module. This is helpful if you only want specific access to go to specific people and/or you have more than one person working on your site. You can also create, edit or delete roles for your users. Roles are used to control who can view, add, edit, delete, moderate or comment on content.
Advertisements / Banners provides for website advertising through Vendors. You can select the number of banners to display as well as the banner type.
Advertisements / Banners : Imagine an Advertisement module that allows you to upload pictures and information about Advertisers, and place their ads and banners on your site.
Analytics gives you the tools you need to monitor your web traffic, visitors, and other tools that will allow you to grow and improve your site for users and to increase traffic & site stickiness.
Analytics Your website's visitors can provide you with valuable data. But, without the ability to track their origins or their page visits, you'll never know what they are utilizing the most. You can access Google Analytics data directly from your CMS.
Announcements produces a list of simple text announcements consisting of a title and brief description.
Announcements :Create make Announcements on the site for marketing, user interaction, and updates about the Company, Agency or non-profit, and website. Announce new products and services, initiatives, drives, or events.
Blog enables weblogs for users with RSS feeds, archiving, categories, comments and more.
Blog : Create your own Weblog or multiple blogs with administrative rights on the site. Categories, Blog rolls, Comments, Archiving, Comments and trackbacks are included as standard blogging features.
Content Management now even non-technical users can create content for the site without having to understand HTML or CSS, upload images, arrange content on a page, all without “messing up” the website page itself. No more running to find a web designer or technical developer to make changes to the site.
Content Editor/ Image Library/ HTML Pages :With an internet connection, browser and any PC or Mac, your Admins can log on and use our content editor to edit your website whenever, wherever, without knowing HTML. Because our editor functions similarly to everyone's favorite word processor, you will have all of the functionality necessary to create, deploy, and manage your own website immediately. You will have the ability to seamlessly format text, set hyperlinks, build tables, and insert images and documents at the touch of a button. You can type your content inside the editor or simply copy and paste it in directly. Users are safeguarded from overwriting layout and style standards on your website. Pre-selected fonts, colors, and layouts allow users the freedom to update content without compromising consistency throughout.

This will handle the majority of the content editable pages including, but not limited to:
• Links page
• Q&A page
• Alerts page
• Services (e.g. Emergency Preparedeness, Communicable Diseases, Permits, etc.)
• Educational pages
• Public Records page(s)
• Forms
• Press Releases
Documents displays a list of documents, including links to browse or download.
Document Management : Maintain a well protected document tree where assigned Administrator(s) decide who gets to see/edit what. Module panes are windows into this document tree so you can offer different content at different places in your website. Great way to manage internal document management as well as public records.
Events/ Calendar displays a list of upcoming events, including time and location. The events list can alternately be set to render in a Calendar format. Integrate with a registration system for event sign-ups and payments.
Dynamic Events Calendar Module : The dynamic events calendar can be used to manage multiple events/workshops with an automated way to show upcoming events and the ability to take off or hide past events. You may schedule the event, time and details while determining when the event needs to be posted and taken offline. With this, you may add a variety of events at one time, although not have them show-up all at once. When end users view the calendar, you may choose to offer them a monthly, visual calendar view or text by day view. Calendars may be customized to suit your specific needs.
FAQs allow you to manage a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers.
FAQs : Maintain a question and answer page for users. In accordance with different kinds of Questions, the module is divided into different categories for the sake of easier search and inquiry.
Feedback allows visitors to send messages to the Administrator of the website. If a visitor is already logged in, their name will automatically populate the form.
Feedback / Contact Us Form Module :The contact us form basic fields include: name, phone, e-mail, address, fax and a comment area. Additional customized fields can be easily added to clarify and provide additional communication. Your users will now have the access to contact you afterhours, at their convenience.
Forum enables a community tool for creating and managing topics of discussion and replies. User moderation, avatars, smileys and email notification are supported.
Forums :Discussion Boards can be a great place to allow users to comment and thread conversations on topics. Moderation and management of posts and posters are functions.
Gallery displays albums of graphics and or multimedia files.
Gallery : The Gallery module allows you to display thumbnail pictures with information to the user about each picture, along with a detailed description regarding the set of pictures and several other optional links. There is a lot of flexibility within the Galleries for how they display and navigate, from simple slide shows to sophisticated Silverlight displays.
IFrame is an Internet Explorer browser feature which allows you to display content from another website within a module on your site.
iFrame : The iFrame's module is an IE only option to bring in static or external content to a site. It lets you link to most types of files and is mostly used when displaying another page within a page.
Image displays a specified image. The module simply refers to the image by a relative or absolute URL, so the image file does not need to reside within your website.
Images : Allows users to pull in images from other locations (rather than uploading them to the server) by pointing them to another, existing website location. This is helpful for space saving concerns or if a user wants to point to an image currently in use on another web location.
Jobs & Employment module allows you to post and manage Jobs, accept inquiries and resumes from job applicants.
Jobs / Employment :Adding, updating and deleting jobs & their descriptions. Providing instructions for users for how and to whom to apply for job applications. Also contains information about working for your institution that can be easily updated.
Links displays a list of hyperlinks to any page, image or file on your website; or to a file, image or page on another website.
Links :The Links module produces a list of hyperlinks to any tab, image or file on your portal or to an external web page, image or file on the web. The links appear alphabetically by default. An indexing field facilitates custom sorting. Link click tracking and log are available.
Menu Page Editor allows you to set up various levels of access rights and users can create, edit, delete and manage pages on the website.
Menu Page Editor : With our menu and page editor you have the control to transform the depth and structure of your site’s navigation. You may choose to add, delete or modify pages or properties of pages within your site as well as move them up, down or into an entirely different category. This gives you full control of your site’s growth and organization. In this area, you also have the ability to modify header and footer copy for your pages, meta tag information for each page and create pages but keep them hidden from the public until you want them unveiled. With just a few clicks you can effortlessly transform your site however you like.
News Feed (RSS) displays news feeds on you site. News feeds provide your visitors with up-to-date, topical information on any range of topic. Time-sensitive press releases and company announcements can be added to your site by simply copying and pasting text or uploading PDF documents.
Newsfeed / RSS : Implementing an RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) feed to push content from the website that contains article headlines, summaries and links back to full-text articles on the site.
Newsletter / Email Feeds create and manage Newsletter and/or email communications to your members, subscribers. Also assists you to be CAN SPAM compliant and manage your email lists.
Newsletter – Email Notification Module : Allowing users to opt in to receive newsletters and/or emails from the Clay County Public Health Center as well as opt out. The system will allow an HTML design to be added, stored, and scheduled for delivery. It auto-handles opt-outs and helps comply with CAN SPAM regulations.
Payment Portal whether through PayPal™ or a custom merchant account such as Verisign™ or Authorize.Net™ allows you to set up an online Store or registration for payments of any type – taxes, invoices, fees, event registration or tickets, and more.
Online Payments (PayPal or Secure Form) Module :This module allows you to easily add products to purchase from your site or a space for visitors to make an online donation. The page of your products can have a picture, the title and a description. Your users will enter general information and then be taken to PayPal or an online secure form with an SSL certificate to complete billing for their purchase.
Polls/ Surveys display poll questions along with a list of radio buttons, drop downs, or fill in the blanks for each option.
Polls / Surveys Module :Give your users a voice, while also providing an important way for you to gather opinions from your users and measure visitors' responses to questions on your site! Polls are significant because they can provide a way for your web site visitors to share ideas and vote on topics of your choosing. The Poll module allows administrators to create polls or surveys for their web site. Polls consist of a question, and then any number of responses to that question. Users of the system can easily vote and view results of the poll. Poll results are displayed in a graphical bar/chart, and include many optional settings.
ReportingCustomize reports to run from your site. These Reports can also be linked to Analytics help monitor your site usage and Polls/Surveys to query users on topics.
Reports : Create complex reports and graphs that can be exported to Excel or Adobe PDF from querying information stored in the database. We can create reports for you or you can build your own reports. The reporting system is quite complex and can be used to slice & dice data to get the reports that you need to monitor.
Search Input can be displayed on any page. | Search Results can be displayed on any page.
Search Module / Google API : This module will help your site’s visitors find what they want quickly. There is a default, basic search that is decent for general queries. If you would like to fully utilize the strength of Google’s Search API module within your site and take advantage of its complex algorithmic search, the Google search API is something you never have to update or fiddle with. Because it is a dynamic feature, from the day we put it on your site every piece of content from your database driven site will be categorized and can be searched.
Sitemap creates a site map for the site (which is good for users as well as for SEO) and updates automatically when new pages are created.
Site Map Module : The site map is an easy, convenient way for users and search engines to identify the amount of pages and structure of your site. This is dynamically created, thus when you add a page to your site, the site map will automatically be updated.
Social Media set up and manage social networking accounts and streamline then for efficiency and manageability.
Social Media : You can literally spend all day every day updating social media and interacting with potential users and customers online. But why? Let us help you by doing an analysis of what social media platforms will best and most efficiently reach your target audience. With a plethora of tools available, the mix can be overwhelming. We will help you define your objectives, set up your accounts, train your staff, and teach you best “netiquette” practices for each social networking community and how to tap into their reach. From Facebook fan pages to Twitter accounts, from aggregators to contests, working with your marketing and PR team(s) to discern the messaging and keeping it unified is critical.
Staff Directory create a directory of your Staff or for a group of people such as a project team and control what contact information is available for each.
Staff Directory Module : Our staff module is an excellent, simple way for you to build a connection with potential users. This feature gives you the ability to quickly fill in a pre-designed form with the information of each employee. Your main staff page could include a picture of each employee, their name, job title, e-mail, phone number, and a brief description or bio. If your visitors would like to learn more about any of your staff, they can click on their photo or the link. Each staff member will have an individual page that includes a larger image and a long description or bio.

Technical Options:

Text/HTML allows you to design content in a visual editor, or add html. Includes a picture gallery of all your uploaded images.
User Account module permits Registered Users to add, edit and update their User Account details. Membership services are also managed here.
User Defined Table allows you to create a custom data table for managing tabular information. Clicking on column headings reorders the data A-Z or Z-A.
XML/XSL displays the result of an XML/XSL transform. The XML and XSL files are identified by their UNC paths in the xmlsrc and xslsrc properties of the module.

Or build a custom module! We can create a module to do just about anything that you might need a site to do. A fun widget, a tool on the site, anything.


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