Why us?
Tiersolution inc. was founded in 1997 in Silicon Valley by a team of software developers who saw a need for a dedicated solutions provider in the areas of Object Oriented Design and distributed architecture. TierSolution provides companies and organizations with world-class specialists who use the latest technologies.
Custom Apps


Software is a type of software developed specifically for a set of users or customers. Unlike Commercial Off-the-shelf Software (COS), Custom Software Applications are developed for a specific need of one customer and can be optimized for that need and dispense with unwanted functionality. Moreover, custom software applications can more easily be adapted to the unique security needs and artistic design often desired by governmental agencies, companies, business entities, and organizations. Done right, custom software applications benefit by serving one master not many.

Build new Custom Applications

We have experience in every aspect - including user interface, page flow, security, database, load balancing, and training. We are a full-service consulting firm with experience in a variety of industries, including work flow management, financial transactions, multimedia, manufacturing automation, hardware & control systems, technical engineering, and more.

Increase capabilities of your existing Software Solution

Do you have disparate software applications that you wish would “play nice” with each other? For example, perhaps you have an enterprise financial and accounting software package that you’d like linked to your sales and inventory control software. You’d like to link this to your employee information to reduce redundant data entry. The possibilities are endless. Streamline operations, reduce potential areas for mistakes and abuse, and improve efficiency for operations. By integrating existing Solutions together your entity or company can focus on the products and services it provides. We review software companies’ code, APIs and frameworks for potential partners.

Grow your Adaptability (Scalability)

Is your current software system simply unable to keep up with your expanding business? Customers or users complaining because the software is too slow or not performing up to speed? We can help you with scalability issues. We’ve successfully helped companies with their expansion and scalability endeavors so they can focus on managing and running their organizations.

Please contact us for a custom quote to design and build a solution to your specifications.

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