Why us?
Tiersolution inc. was founded in 1997 in Silicon Valley by a team of software developers who saw a need for a dedicated solutions provider in the areas of Object Oriented Design and distributed architecture. TierSolution provides companies and organizations with world-class specialists who use the latest technologies.
Our Methodology

Your users and community are unique to you, and we will first sit with you and clarify the scope of work so that the needs of the users are being met. The 6 step process we outline below is a list of itemized steps relevant to the scope of the work for the website design & development.


This is where we consult with you to find out the details of your business. We work with you closely to understand your needs and concepts of what the website is supposed to do. We get inside your business model and help you establish the scope within budget and define a work plan and detailed work proposal. Once approved, we will be in constant contact with you throughout the process.


We will scope out the details and determine what type of design, programming, function, etc., is best suited for the particular solution to your website development needs. Once we agree on the overall direction, we will refine and document the design concept. We will also make certain recommendations based on our experience and knowledge.


We will present you with 2-3 design concepts after we have fleshed out through a questionnaire and analysis your color preferences, design styles, requirements and other preferences and needs. Once the initial concept (color schema, general look & feel) is approved, we begin by tweaking the landing (home) page – the first view that will impress visitors when they visit – and an interior page sample design. This iterative process will be done with input by your interested team members and will be tweaked until approval. Once the initial landing page is completed, the team will create wireframes and a sitemap for the rest of the site. This ensures that all processes and functions on the site are followed through to logical conclusions.


Once we all agree on the specs, we will begin an internal process to take the plan as we have it and build you a professional website. Development can begin simultaneously with the HTML/CSS work after the design specs are finalized and approved. During this phase you are able to monitor development by accessing the work in-progress through a specially enabled link we will provide you. We work on a 3 week SCRUM model – an iterative process that allows for nimble changes as usually not all functionality can be fully scoped out in the beginning without changes in the development cycles. Every three weeks the new code updates are deployed and tested. Your team will have access and can monitor this at all times. We also utilize a bug and versioning tracking software where known issues, changes and bugs are recorded, prioritized and closed when completed.


This is where the site goes live after much tweaking and testing. We will refine and QC the work done to finalize your deliverable product. We will also make sure that you know how to use and maintain your new website.


For a limited period of time after delivery we will watch and monitor the site for you to see that it performs according to the specs. If there is a problem with something defined in the specs, we will correct it. We will also give you a complete set of documentation on the project. If so desired, we will design and implement an on-going online marketing program to support traffic to the site, including set-up for social networking, SEO best practices, an introductory HTML email design or newsletter layout, etc. We can also train specific personnel and help you and your staff support on-going web solutions.

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