Why us?
Tiersolution inc. was founded in 1997 in Silicon Valley by a team of software developers who saw a need for a dedicated solutions provider in the areas of Object Oriented Design and distributed architecture. TierSolution provides companies and organizations with world-class specialists who use the latest technologies.
Our Technology Advantage

We have built commercial software, web applications, productivity tools, and business databases. This focus requires a unique process tuned for projects that usually last weeks or months, not years. Software development life cycles are well understood in the industry today: ours is a hybrid commonly referred to as Agile Development. We first begin with a Foundation Phase, in which we work with you to define business objectives and requirements, and create user-interface mockups. Measure twice, cut once. We then develop your software over a series of incremental stages, each one demonstrating new, tested features, finishing with a full release.

Managing Uncertainty: Iterative Estimates

Perfect software delivered too late or at too high a cost is a failed project: it’s vital to prioritize budget and schedule so that a project meets its business objectives. We provide progressively refined estimates, both for schedule and cost, throughout a project so that our clients can control their own priorities.

Commitment to Process

We have dedicated one of our team to understanding the challenges and evolution of knowledge management and software development life cycles. They compete with each other to keep up with the latest technologies, always striving for ways to work better and faster while maintaining the quality control for which we are known.

What to Expect When You Work With Us

In addition to following a mature project process for developing software, we commit to being available and responsive:

  • You’ll meet with us every week, either by phone or in person, as the project requires.
  • We’ll respond to email within a day, phone calls within hours.
  • You’ll know the state of your budget and will be in control of your priorities.
  • We'll provide options, sometimes recommendations, never dead-ends.
  • If we don’t know something, we’ll say so.
  • We’ll provide reasoning with our conclusions.
  • We’ll be curious about you and your business.
  • We’ll tell the truth - always.
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