Most websites we produce come integrated with a powerful content management system (CMS) that lets you control when and how often your website gets updated. It allows you to format text, insert images, create links and manage documents - without requiring knowledge of HTML. The interface relies on familiar toolbars similar to Microsoft Word, making it friendly to users of various skill levels. Choose your Modules to build the site with functionality you desire. Mix and match, start small and add more as you need them. Custom modules can also be built!


Account LogIns

permit users to log in to your portal. This can be customized for varying levels of control – from newsletter subscribers to registered users, to varying levels of Administrative rights for staff.

Advertisements / Banners

provides for website advertising through Vendors. You can select the number of banners to display, as well as the banner type and cycle times.


gives you the tools you need to monitor your web traffic, visitors, and other data that will allow you to grow and improve your site for users and to increase traffic & site stickiness.


produces a list of announcements that can be used as Alerts or warnings, upcoming events, and more.


enables fully featured blogging system with RSS feeds, archiving, categories, commenting and more.

Content Management

now even non-technical users can create content for a site without having to understand HTML or CSS. Users can upload images, arrange content on a page, all without “messing up” the website page itself. No more running to find a web designer or technical developer to make changes to the site.


displays a list of documents, including links to browse or download, size, file type, historical audit, access controls, sharing, sorting, and more. 

Events/ Calendar

displays upcoming events, including time and location. Integrate with a registration system for event sign-ups and payments with nuanced controls for selling tickets/spots and much more. Share with external calendar syncing (google calendar, outlook, ical etc.). 


manage Frequently Asked Questions and their answers.


allows visitors to send messages to the Administrator of the website. If a visitor is already logged in, their name will automatically populate the form.


enables a community tool for creating and managing topics of discussion and replies. User moderation, avatars, smileys and email notification are supported.


displays albums of graphics and or multimedia files in all types of gallery functioning (rotation, scrolling, parallax, and more). 


is a browser feature which allows you to display content from another website within a module on your site.

Image & Multi-Media

displays images or videos. The module refers to the image by a relative or absolute URL, so the image file does not need to reside within your website. You can add Vimeo or Youtube videos as well as social media posts. 

Jobs & Employment

post and manage Jobs, and accept inquiries and resumes from job applicants.


displays a list of hyperlinks to any page, image or file on your website; or to a file, image or page on another website. Internally, create friendly links for pages and SEO readable structure. When moving pages to a different location inside the CMS, relative URLs update automatically and redirect. 

Menu Page Editor

allows you to set up various levels of access rights, and users can create, edit, delete and manage pages on the website. Create many different types of menu options as well as dependent sub-menus and manage them with ease by simply dragging and dropping pages in an accordion manner (similar to moving files around in File Explorer). 

News Feed (RSS)

displays news feeds on you site. News feeds provide visitors with up-to-date, topical information on any range of topic. Time-sensitive press releases and company announcements can be added to your site by simply copying and pasting text or uploading PDF documents.


create and manage Newsletter and/or email communications to your members, subscribers. Also assists you to be CAN SPAM compliant and manage your email lists.

Payment Portal

whether through PayPal™ or Stripe, or a custom merchant account such as Verisign™ or Authorize.Net™ you can now easily set up an online Store or registration for payments of any type taxes, invoices, fees, event registration or tickets, and more.

Polls/ Surveys

display poll questions along with a list of radio buttons, drop downs, or fill in the blanks for each option.


can run from your site. These Reports can also be linked to Analytics help monitor your site usage and Polls/Surveys to query users on topics. Report data can be sliced and diced to create customized reports for any needs. 


search can find any words inside pages or documents. Go extra with elastic search to create even more nuanced and faster search indexing. 


creates a site map for the site (which is good for users as well as for SEO) and updates automatically when new pages are created or existing pages modified or moved.

Social Media

set up and manage social networking accounts and streamline then for efficiency and manageability.

Staff Directory

create a directory of your Staff or for a group of people such as a project team and control what contact information is available for each.


allows you to design content in a visual editor, or add html. Includes a picture gallery of all your uploaded images.


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